Trade And Technology

This is a department born-out of new initiative under  the new educational curriculum.

Senior Secondary School (SSS1 – SSS3) subjects:

  1. Technical drawing
  2. Metal  Work
  3. Visual  Art
  4. Music
  5. Food and Nutrition
  6. Clothing  and Textile
  7. Home  management

Basic School (JSS1 – JSS3) subjects:

  1. Basic  Technology
  2. Technical  Drawing
  3. Cultural  and Creative Art (which includes Fine Art and Music)
  4. Home  economics
  5. Trade Subjects (Entrepreneurship, SSS1-SSS3)
  6. Bleaching/  Tie and Dye
  7. Block  laying and Concreting
  8. Garment  making
  9. Craft and  catering services.